Telecom bills can be long, complicated and difficult to understand. That’s why most companies don’t notice when they are being overcharged. We understand the billing systems of all the major telecom providers so we’re able to provide free bill audits — with no obligation.

We’ll walk you through the charges, point out unnecessary costs and help you take back control of your bill. Savings on network costs are often substantial — you could potentially modernize your entire system for no extra monthly cost!

What are the Benefits to You?

Benefit #1

Uncover Redundant Charges

Remember that summer intern from last year? Are you sure you aren’t still paying for his or her old desk phone? With everything that is going on at the office, often companies don’t realize they are still paying for services they no longer need.

Benefit #2

Update Your Technology

Over time, the cost of communication services should goes down. Too often, telecom bills stay exactly the same. For the same monthly cost, you could be getting better phones, faster and more reliable Internet or more functionality. Ask us about system upgrades!

Benefit #3

Say Goodbye to Auto Renewal

Many telecom providers include an auto renewal clause that is buried in your monthly bills. It’s easy to miss and it can lock business owners into months or even years of paying for features that are no longer necessary.

Benefit #4

Negotiate Better Terms with Your Provider

Once you’ve uncovered unnecessary costs, Sunco can negotiate directly with your telecom provider to get you the best deal. Or we can help you choose a new provider that is best suited for your needs. We work with all the major telecom providers and you won’t pay an added cost for this broker service.



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We’re trusted by hundreds of customers because we take the time to teach our clients how to save money and take control of their bills.

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If you are having trouble understanding your phone bill, get in touch with us for a free bill audit. With our extensive experience in the communication industry, we’ve worked with all the major telecom carriers and understand their billing systems inside and out.
Our free bill audit can help with that. At Sunco, we like to say that “you understand your business, and we understand ours.” Our business is communication, so we know all about industry jargon and complicated contracts. We’ll translate your bill into language you can understand so you know exactly what you’re signed up for.
An auto renewal is a clause in almost every telecom contract that renews your contract automatically, possibly with little to no notice. Since network services become less expensive over time, you should be able to get more bandwidth and functionality for less money every time your contract comes up for renewal. But with auto renewal, you lose the chance to negotiate better terms or take advantage of savings.
No. The bill audit service is provided free of charge with no obligation to buy or pay for additional services from Sunco. As a local, family run business, each one of our customers is important to us and we aim to build long-term partnerships. Often our bill audits uncover unnecessary costs and some companies choose to use these savings to upgrade their systems or take advantage of other Sunco services.
Depending on the size and complexity of your bill, we can usually complete an audit within a week (and sometimes even faster).