Why Choose Sunco?

We’re experts at delivering and maintaining your high-quality communication systems. A Sunco maintenance agreement is like having extended warranty for your phones. A competitive fee and peace of mind allow you to get back to business while we take care of your communication investment.

What We Do:

  • If part of your hardware system fails or breaks down, we repair or replace it at no extra cost.  We will not send equipment away to be repaired so you have minimal downtime.
  • We provide necessary software upgrades with direct support from the manufacturer.
  • We’re local, so we can troubleshoot over the phone or come to you.


Maintenance Agreement Packages

One size doesn’t fit all. Just as we customize your communication system to fit your budget and business needs, we offer a full range of service level packages which can include on-site emergency service, priority dispatch, remote maintenance, hardware and software upgrades and more. We’ve also designed our packages so you can choose from annual, three or five-year coverage plans.

We would be happy to review our four levels of packages available or put together a customized quote for your business.  Ready to get started?  Contact us today!

Local. Friendly.

Our goal is to build long-term relationships with all of our customers. We’ll work with you to create a customized maintenance agreement designed to minimize risk and save you time and money.

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What are the Benefits to You?

Benefit #1

Peace of Mind

Avoid the costs and stress associated with a loss of service by ensuring your systems operate at peak performance.

Benefit #2


Our fixed yearly fee is a fraction of the cost of emergency repairs and system replacements. Yearly contracts streamline operational costs and allow for effective budgeting.

Benefit #3

Full Service Coverage

Depending on the maintenance package you’ve chosen, we offer on-site emergency service, remote maintenance, hardware and software upgrades, component replacement and more.

Benefit #4

Proactive Maintenance

Two free remote service calls per month are included in every Platinum service contract, so we can fix any small issues before they become disruptive to your operations.

Benefit #5

Customized Coverage

Depending on your communication system and budget, you can select one of our standard packages or we will help you create a plan that best suits your business needs.


We offer four levels of maintenance agreements -- Help Desk, Silver, Gold and Platinum. If one of our plans doesn’t fit with your business, we can also create a customized agreement so you only pay for what you need. Your choice will depend on the size and type of your communication system, and the type of service you require. Give us a call @ 780.809.1786 for some local, friendly advice and a free estimate. Typically, a maintenance agreement will be a fraction of the cost of a new system. Think of it as insurance for your phones: if your system goes down, you can relax knowing it will be replaced quickly, effectively and at no extra cost to you.
Yes, phone technology is extremely reliable. But like any other piece of advanced technological equipment, it can go down unexpectedly. A maintenance agreement acts like an insurance policy or an extended warranty and guarantees that phones will be replaced right away at no extra cost. For a fixed yearly investment, you can minimize risk to your business and ensure you’ll never be non-operational due to a phone system breakdown.
Yes - if you choose a Platinum package. You have a guaranteed two-hour response time on emergency calls and you have priority over non-contract customers on regular service calls.