Symmetry Dermatology is Edmonton’s premier destination for complete medical, surgical and pediatric dermatology services, including Mohs micrographic surgery, an effective method of treating skin cancer. Its sister company, Symmetry Laser and Esthetics, specializes in meeting the growing demand for cosmetic services including laser facials, laser rejuvenation and laser hair removal. Both companies employ estheticians and doctors who have trained with some of the top surgical and cosmetic dermatologists from around the world. Growth was inevitable for this highly-accredited,  centre of excellence for dermatology and aesthetics.

The Challenge

Organizational growth requires a robust communications system to match.

In 2016, the company moved from leased space to its own two-story headquarters – Symmetry Centre –  to house its high-end dermatology facilities and 30+ staff.

Employing multiple crews on different floors of this new building, Symmetry needed a modern, customer-centric communication system to manage communication between staff, improve efficiency and offer a seamless, high-quality experience for clientele. In addition to finding the right technology solution and securing voice and internet services, Kelly Pape, Director of Operations, needed a strategy to manage the new system to ensure ease of maintenance and maximum uptime.

“I wanted to elevate Symmetry’s operations and customer service by taking advantage of the new advancements in business communication,” Pape adds. She realized that evolving technology necessitated an eye to the future. “I also wanted to know that we could build upon our systems as we expanded further. Part of this strategy involved proactive management to protect ourselves from unexpected downtime.”

The Solution

A fully managed  Mitel Contact Centre solution and voice/internet services that keep up with demand.

Pape contacted Sunco looking for an answer, and after exploring her options, realized that an integrated Mitel solution with a critical managed service component was the best fit for the growing business. Sunco’s multi-faceted strategy involved several key components:

  1. A modern Mitel phone system ensures Symmetry is ready for both the client demand of today and future growth. Mitel’s MiVoice Business and MiContact Center services make adding support agents effortless and allow for better call tracking and reporting.
  2. Sunco SIP Trunking for Business would add additional functionality. Phone numbers could be painlessly maintained, with new numbers activated quickly and at low cost.
  3. Business Internet Services Sunco acted as Symmetry’s internet broker and negotiated the best and most cost-effective services on their behalf. Sunco’s support helped mitigate the problems caused by delays in getting fibre to the new building. “Construction of fibre optics were behind in the area,” Pape notes, “Thankfully Sunco put temporary solutions in place to get our clinic up and running.”

With a system the size and complexity of Symmetry’s, it is understandable that day-to-day management was a concern.

Enter Sunco’s Telecom Managed Services. This affordable, per user, monthly cost gives Symmetry access to:

  • Front-of-the-line priority on service tickets
  • Extended parts warranty
  • Proactive system monitoring
  • Software upgrades
  • No charge program changes

Sunco supports the company’s communication system so Pape and her team can focus the entirety of their attention on their growing dermatology clinic and its clientele.

“We’re confident our communications needs are being expertly handled behind the scenes” – Kelly Pape, Director of Operations, Symmetry Dermatology

Over the course of the project, Pape met with Sunco multiple times, getting to know everyone by name and building a strong relationship. “I was impressed to have direct access to the team while the solution was being installed, and I can count on them to be responsive to Symmetry’s needs going forward.” After the implementation of their new managed phone system, Symmetry’s customer service model and overall communications capabilities were ready to help their organization grow further.

The Outcome

A fully managed Mitel communications solution generated numerous benefits.

As expected, the Mitel Business and MiVoice Contact Centre perform beautifully under the demands of a busy clinic, giving staff the tools to provide even better customer service:

  • Additional agents can easily log in during busy times to reduce patient wait time while on hold.
  • Features like comfort greetings and music on hold have increased professionalism and improved customer experience.
  • Appointment no shows have reduced thanks to automated reminders.
  • Staff is able to be more mobile between the two clinics, confident that calls are appropriately forwarded or otherwise handled.
  • Staff can properly log their time, producing meaningful statistics that Symmetry can use to pinpoint trends and find new efficiencies in the future.
  • Call centre data is fully integrated into Symmetry’s CRM to help provide better patient care
  • More accurate issue tracking, auditing, and troubleshooting, producing useful metrics for planning.

With Sunco Fully Managed Services, Symmetry’s operations realized numerous benefits:

  • Any system trouble triggers failsafes to ensure Symmetry can continue working, reducing downtime and minimizing losses of time and money.
  • Better pricing and management of voice and internet services, thanks to Sunco working on Symmetry’s behalf with all major telco providers.
  • Consistent, predictable budgeting for the system’s ongoing management with no surprises.
  • Priority, front of the line service from Sunco whenever Symmetry needs it.
  • Any defective equipment is replaced ASAP, rather than waiting on repairs.

“The Sunco team is always there when I need them.” – Kelly Pape

When asked what advice she would give other companies considering migrating to a telecom managed services model, Kelly Pape stresses that the best move is to talk to the right people.

“I would tell them to talk to experts who understand where you want to go with your communication system,” says Pape. “For Symmetry, this is Sunco. You would be surprised at all of the ways a modern phone system and managed services can make a team run better! The Sunco team is always there when I need them. We enjoy amazing service.”

Managed Telecom Services for Your Organization

Sunco specializes in complete business communication solutions, including telecom managed services, SIP trunking, and internet services. We’re also Western Canada’s definitive Mitel Platinum Reseller Partner. Sunco is passionate about making business communication easier for our clients – not only by offering the best technology available but with managed services geared to maximizing ROI and reducing downtime.

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