Telecom Bill Audit – City of Spruce Grove

Located just west of Edmonton, the City of Spruce Grove is home to approximately 36,000 residents. Spruce Grove’s municipal administration team is dedicated to supporting and maintaining the industry, commerce, and community that make Spruce Grove a vibrant city for all of its residents.  


Freddie Martinez, Director of Information Systems for the City of Spruce Grove, met the Sunco team at the Municipality Information Systems Association (MISA) conference where Freddie expressed interest in reviewing the City’s telecommunication services. Key issues with their previous provider included complex billing, a lack of technical support and training, and high costs for phone and business internet services. 


Sunco’s CEO Mike Schoenberger suggested the City start with a telecom bill audit to review their current contract and identify any opportunities for cost-savings. Freddie was surprised by the audit results: “We didn’t even know about some of the [phone] lines we were paying $70-80 per month forever. The fact that Sunco has been able to identify that has impacted how we work for telcos and is how we achieved savings.”


The Challenge

Above-market rates for phone and internet, overly complicated billing, and inconsistent service.

The City of Spruce Grove’s previous provider had issued an auto-renewing contract and was unable to customize invoicing to align with the City’s accounting processes. With service rates simply renewing each year, the City ended up overpaying and an overly complex billing meant the accounting team was spending additional resources to reconcile their account each month. 


Freddie also noted it was challenging to access timely and consistent customer service with frequent changes in account managers and a call-and-wait response anytime they requested support. The City of Spruce Grove had invested in feature-rich Mitel phones but weren’t getting the support they needed to optimize their phone system and improve productivity. 


“Mike and his team come with a lot of experience on the hardware and software side of it. They look at cost variances and future growth — it helps us to be the best. And we never had all of the features we needed [from our Mitel phones]. Sunco helped us select the features we needed and assisted us with determining all of this on a strategic level,” Freddie recalls. 

The Solution

Competitive phone and business internet pricing, customized invoicing, and high touch customer service

As a phone and internet broker, Sunco was able to take over the City’s telecom services and secure competitive pricing. By separating costs by cost centre — in this case, phone and business internet — and providing customized pricing, Sunco was able to find considerable savings for the City of Spruce Grove. 

Under their previous service contract, Freddie was frustrated with a lack of support to maximize the full potential of their Mitel phone system. Working with Sunco, they were able to implement managed services to support the City’s needs for today and tomorrow. Says Freddie: “Sunco’s team is so responsive with service and with responding to all of our questions. I speak highly of the customer service levels being provided.” 

The Outcome

A streamlined service plan with competitive rates resulting in savings of  $3,000 per month

By realizing considerable cost savings, billing improvements and service efficiencies, the City of Spruce Grove is better positioned to respond to future opportunities or challenges.


This was put to the test very recently during the COVID-19 pandemic with the need to quickly switch to remote work solutions: “Sunco worked with the City of Spruce Grove during the pandemic and got everything we needed to deal with the situation and to be able to turn things around faster… and we were always in the loop on everything. How grateful we were at this time to have a partner like this during the pandemic,” Freddie explains. 


“From where the City was to where it is today, Sunco is the right partner and can take us to the next level of where we need to be.” — Freddie Martinez, Director of Information Systems for City of Spruce Grove


Telecom Bill Audit: Uncover Your Potential

An expert review of your telecommunications spend can help find savings, help streamline phone and business internet services, and ultimately help your organization move forward with the communication tools it needs to navigate whatever the future has in store. 

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