Preparation Key in Avoiding Communication Gaps When Moving

Communication is critical for any business, especially in today’s connected world. Begin preparing early to avoid costly gaps in communication with your customers and your team while moving to a new location.

Important to note:

  • a full three to six months should be allocated for the whole telecom move process.
  • An average of four to twelve weeks notice is needed to move (port) your phone numbers to the new location.
  • consider fibre based high speed internet — if regular internet is all you require, a week or two is all that’s needed. If you want to upgrade to a fibre optic connection, it could take up to six months.

Telecommunications Moving Checklist

8 months to 1 Year Before the Move

Complete a full network and telecommunications assessment of current and future needs.  Consider these questions:

  • How old is your network equipment including data switches, servers and routers? Rule of thumb is anything older than three years should be replaced for reliability.
  • Are your Internet speeds fast, reliable and sufficient for your current needs? If you’ve been considering moving to the Cloud for voice, business applications or to backup your servers, you may need a faster, more reliable dedicated Internet service. Consider a fibre connection — installation can take anywhere from six weeks to eight months depending on your location. (Read our blog — Fibre is the Future to learn more about whether a fibre connection is right for your business.)
    • If your current Internet speeds are adequate, confirm that Internet service is available at the new location whether you are building new construction or leasing existing space. Some geographical areas often have poor service.  Sunco can do an Internet check on the quality of service for you.
  • How old is your current telephone system? Again, technology older than five years is outdated and any older than that, may be at risk of failure. Consider upgrading to features like voicemail to email, cellular twinning, remote workers, mobile apps and auto-attendant to enhance your workforce.
  • Do you have direct lines? If not, moving is a great time to make the change from a multi-line rotary system (being able to receive multiple calls on one telephone number) to PRI or SIP trunking, which allows you to receive multiple calls on multiple phone numbers at the same time, cost effectively. Direct lines make it easier for customers to reach your employees; it’s a more efficient way to manage telephone traffic.
  • Assess your current phone/internet service providers. Not sure how to do this? Engage Sunco and ask for a free telephone bill audit. We can uncover what you are actually paying for your telephone and Internet services and if you are being charged for services you’re no longer using.

Sunco is a partner with all major telecom/Internet providers and can help clients with the process of negotiating new contracts. It can be difficult as a busy business owner to work directly with the big Telcos — often a frustrating, time consuming process filled with technical lingo and significant time on hold or being transferred. Let us do the work to save you money and headaches!

6 months Before the Move

  • Finalize your contracts with your Internet and/or telephone service provider. Last minute delays can cost your business time and money. Consider what would happen if you had to move without the proper Internet or phone lines installed. Being over-prepared is always better.

4 to 12 weeks Before the Move

  • Whether you are upgrading your system, moving to the Cloud or staying with your old system, arrange with your service provider to have your telephone numbers ported (moved) to your new location.

2 to 3 months Before the Move

  • If purchasing new on-premise solutions or moving to the Cloud, finalize the selection of new telephones and features.
  • Finalize cabling needs for your new space. If you are upgrading to higher speed Internet and new phones, consider using Cat 6 cable, which has become an industry standard, to manage future growth. Ensure cable is professionally installed and certified. Improperly installed network cabling can cause all kinds of business disruptions and intermittent problems that can be difficult to diagnose.
  • If you are staying with your existing on-premise telephone system, give your local Telco a call to book the move and setup of the hardware and programming of your phones.

Remember, preparation is key to avoiding communication gaps during and just after a move. Contact Sunco to help you do any assessments or audits  —  we’re happy to do the legwork so you can focus on what you do best — running your business.

Make sure to read our blog Fibre is the Future, for all the information you’ll need to decide whether a fibre connection is the right choice for your business.

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