“The way we communicate is changing.  Our connected world is undergoing a digital transformation creating fundamental shifts in the way we work and live.”  This was the message shared by Mitel CEO Rich McBee at the Mitel Elite Experience Event last week in San Antonio, Texas.  Being a Platinum Reseller Partner, Sunco team members Mike, Sean, and Jason were invited to attend the three-day, knowledge-sharing symposium.

From a business communication standpoint, the digital transformation described by McBee is accelerating the push towards Unified Communications (UC) solutions. UC is a widely-used term encompassing the evolution from ‘old school’ communication solutions (such as email and the company intranet) to more seamless, collaborative, and engaging methods of communication. Helping power this transformation are the droves of Millennials now entering the workforce who grew up accessing the Internet through smartphones, tablets, and laptops.  In essence, our highly connected world makes UC solutionsfrom remote users to mobile applicationsthe perfect way to improve productivity, reduce costs, and boost customer service!

Seamless & Simple Communication with Mitel

The Sunco team partners with industry-leader Mitel to provide customers with cutting-edge solutions harnessing the power of collaboration and mobility. Transform how your business communicates with voice and video calling, mobility/Cloud integration, instant messaging, and audio/web/video conferencing tools. Here’s how:

Quick Collaboration, Anytime, Anywhere

Need to make a decision, answer a client’s question, or change strategy right now? Seamlessly connect to your team from any device, anytime, anywhere. By leveraging UC you choose how to communicate with your staff and customers, regardless of location. Share, discuss, and collaborate on documents and presentations, and ultimately make more informed and timely decisions.

Consider this scenario: you are working on a project with several team members. A client has a couple of key questions regarding a document, so you check the system (using ‘presence’ technology) to see who is free to assist. By sending a quick instant message, you arrange an impromptu meeting in the boardroom. A couple of members who are offsite connect in via an audio web conference call and within 30 minutes, feedback is received from the entire team and the client receives an answer. This collaboration session can be documented and stored by project, subject, or person, and instantly retrieved by fellow team members. Time spent can also be easily recorded for client billing purposes.

Watch for a future blog on MiTeam – Mitel’s real-time, mobile first, on-demand collaboration tool. Break down barriers, increase productivity and reduce emails by up to 40%!

Mitel’s MiCollab Integration Capabilities

Providing exceptional customer service is the great differentiator for business. With MiCollab Mobile application from Mitel, your direct line follows you throughout the day. Never miss that important call again!  When you’re in the office, calls are directed to your desk phone.  Leave the office and the GPS settings on your mobile device recognize you are on the road and calls are routed to your cell phone. Walk into a meeting and the calendar integration feature changes your status to unavailable and calls are sent to voicemail. Single number reach makes it easier for clients, and your team, to reach youfostering trust and improving the client experience.

Keep Your Teams Connected

Today’s workforce is more geographically dispersed and flexible than ever. Enhance productivity and save costs with the ability to have face-to-face meetings through audio, web, or video conferencing all in one application across PC, Mac, and mobile devices. With video, you can share presentations, read body language, keep audiences engaged, and foster a connection between team members.  Meeting participants can also easily join via web browsers without the need for any downloads or software.

New Mitel 6900 Series of Desk Phones

Beautiful and functional, Mitel’s new 6900 series of desk phones brings the power of digital transformation to your fingertips. Featuring full-colour touch displays and embedded Bluetooth 4.1, the 6900 series seamlessly marries your mobile device audio and contact information with the desk phone. Mobile twinning traditionally meant calls coming into your desk phone could also ring your cell phone. Now with the 6900 series, the reverse can happen where your cell phone rings and you can answer it on your desk set.

The Sunco team uses these new sets in our office and we would love to show you their great functionality! Contact us today for a free demonstration.

Embrace the digital transformation with a customized Unified Communications solution from Sunco to help your business connect, collaborate, and take care of your team and your customers. Our friendly, expert team is ready to help!

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