Bringing people together is at the core of any business, and from corporate headquarters to healthcare offices, video conferencing is transforming how the world works.

With Vidyo, remote video conferencing has never been more powerful or easier to navigate. All products are available for Windows and Mac users, and offer a feature-rich and intuitive user experience for desktop, mobile or conference room.

Talk to us today about how Vidyo can enhance your team’s collaboration, improve business mobility and promote high-quality communication between colleagues, customers, partners, clients and vendors.

Vidyo Product Summary:

  • Vidyo Neo: Considered Vidyo’s highest quality, most powerful desktop collaboration tool, Vidyo Neo features up to 5K resolution and intuitive content sharing.
  • VidyoDesktop: Featuring ultra HD 4K resolution and in-conference public and private text chat, VidyoDesktop allows users to host conferences from existing computers and laptops.
  • VidyoWeb: The best option from an ease-of-use perspective, VidyoWeb allows guests to join a video conference with a single click.
  • VidyoMobile: This app allows for high quality video conferencing anywhere on your Apple or Android device using either a wireless broadband or WiFi connection.
  • VidyoSlate: Conference participants use this app to share content from an iPad (and some Android tablets) when participating from a VidyoRoom.
  • VidyoRoom SE: Transmitting video up to 1080p60, participants can conference using a range of endpoints including mobile phones, tablets, laptops, desktops and room systems. Guests can also join conferences ‘voice-only’ using a desktop phone.
  • VidyoRoom: Video conference participants can easily join meetings from other room systems, desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones with one-button-to-push calling using calendar integration.
  • VidyoRemote: This free tablet app can be used to adjust audio levels, manage room security settings, place and answer calls and select content to display on screen.

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