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Telecom Bill Audit

In our experience, most companies are being overcharged on their telephone bills. Sunco’s free, no obligation bill audit can help you save money by uncovering everything from redundant charges to hidden auto renewal clauses and outdated pricing.
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Telephone System Upgrade

Is your phone system more than five years old? Cloud hosting and other advances in communication technology allow businesses to be more integrated, mobile and efficient than ever before. Operating a Legacy System such as Nortel or NEC? We can offer full or partial replacements or better yet, help you upgrade to a new system!
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Emergency Phone System Support

We know how frustrating it is when your phone system goes down and your business grinds to a halt. That’s why we offer 24-hour emergency support, seven days a week. Our tech team will repair your system or set up a temporary solution so you can get back to work as fast as possible.
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Telephone System Servicing

If you are experiencing problems with your telephones or want to book a move, addition or change (MACs) to your system, getting help through a call centre or automated system can be time-consuming and frustrating. Sunco offers local, in-person tech support no matter what type of system your company operates.
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Video Conferencing

If you have one office or many branches, affordable, reliable HD video conferencing solutions from Vidyo can save you money and change the way your people connect with customers and each other.
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Maintenance Agreements

A maintenance agreement is a great way to streamline your operational costs. For a fixed annual fee, Sunco offers an ‘extended warranty’ for your phone system. This cost-effective service covers health checks, repairs and replacements — all provided by our friendly, local support team.
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Data Networking

Good data networking improves the quality of business communication by prioritizing traffic and eliminating interference. We work with trusted partners to make sure your voice, video and Internet data is transmitted smoothly, reliably and on time.
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Voice and Data Cabling

Increase the speed of office communications with our industry-certified cabling services.  Sunco provides Category 5, 6, 6e and fibre optic structured wiring installations for new construction or retrofits.
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Paging Systems

Improve the speed and effectiveness of communication within your business and increase office comfort and privacy with Sunco's custom paging, music and white noise solutions.
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Our services are truly end-to-end and tailored to your business communication needs.


Improve your customer service, productivity and teamwork.

Achieve all this and more with our customized communication solutions. We serve a wide range of industries such as hospitality, warehousing and healthcare. Sunco strives to understand your business so we can support it with local and friendly advice, innovative products to suit your needs, along with expert and efficient service.

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Phone System Products

Integrated, mobile systems are the new gold standard in business communication. Phone hardware and related technologies have advanced hugely over the past five years and our product line is at the cutting-edge of these changes. Sunco can offer support for obsolete Legacy Systems such as Nortel or integrate your business with Cloud technology if you want great functionality on a budget.

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